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What is the Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC)?

The Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) advises the University administration on benefit offerings common to non-represented employee groups (specifically excluding the Faculty Retirement Plan, the Optional Retirement Plan, MSRS, faculty group disability, and faculty group life insurance). While the committee's recommendations are not be binding on the administration, the expectation is that the views of the committee will have an important influence on policies and procedures related to matters within the mission and scope of the BAC.

Committee Membership

The BAC membership is comprised of staff, faculty and retirees of the University who are eligible for University benefits and include voting, non-voting and ex-officio members. The voting members of the BAC include the chair, and four representatives from each of the non-represented employees groups - faculty, P&A, civil service as well as two retirees. The non-voting members of the committee, to the extent permitted by applicable labor law, include one representative from each of the bargaining units that receive (or plan to receive) benefits through the UPlan. The ex-officio members of the committee are employees who have been appointed by virtue of their position.